Gourguechon for Common Threads

A very fun shoot with a great team for a client doing good works! If you're not familiar, Common Threads grew out of the belief that family and food have the power to nurture and strengthen us, to connect us to culture and community. Impressive work educating and feeding young minds and bodies. #commonthreads#nicolasgourguechon #lindathomsen

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Nic Gourguechon for FOOD&WINE

Nic Gourguechon spent the day with Chef Ileana Regan of the famed Elizabeth Restaurant. Ileana was voted Best New Chef by F&W, "her Nordic style cooking highlights Midwestern ingredients". Check out Elizabeth when you're in Chicago, and to see more of Nic's work  ... http://www.lindathomsen.com/nicolas-gourguechon/